Zoom World Sports Fair 1983 Poster by Syd Mead

World Sports Fair / Hydroplane Competition


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Unlimited Hydroplane Competition in Harbor

A series of three illustrations depicting the ultimate sports event as only Visual Futurist, Syd Mead could imagine them.  With the sole directive being, they would be created primarily in the three colors of the prize winning ribbons, Gold, Blue and Red.

For RED, Syd chose to illustrate the ultimate boat race.

Inspiration for this illustration came from the many days Syd enjoyed the excitement of the Hydrofest, the international boat race held annually between the Detroit riverfront and Belle Isle park. His fascination of the spectacular water plumes, “Roostertails”, generated by each boat as they completed their watery course remained one of his fondest memories. With the addition of his enhanced lighting, futuristic architecture and stylish attendees, this image depicts a spectacle unsurpassed by any other sport.

Produced in 1983

28.5 x 20.25 inches.

4 pt Stock, Gloss Finish

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