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Barrier Attack, Colony


Original Vintage Poster. Once we run out of stock, they're gone forever!

Barrier Attack, Colony

Hexagonal Space ships comprised of six triangular sections, initiate the launch of combat craft to confront a perceived attack near the great barrier star field in deep space.  This illustration was created n 1976 as one of three illustrations for a series of posters, along with PARTY 2050 and DISASTER AT SYNTRON.

Produced in 1977 

28 x 20 inches.

4.8 pt Poster Stock.

Please note: Our vintage pieces may show signs of age or wear due to their age.  Prints and posters are shipped in a heavy cardboard tube with extra protection.

Each poster will include a certificate of purchase from The Official Syd Mead Archive.

As quantity available falls near zero, the price per piece will increase.