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Voyage Home (Concept, Idea, Reality) Seibu 1985


Original Vintage Poster. Once we run out of stock, they're gone forever!

Voyage Home,  Seibu, Japan 1985

VOYAGE HOME created for the 1985 show “Concept Idea Reality” in Tokyo, Japan, was sponsored by SEIBU Ltd, and was one of only a very few created in the larger format of 30”  x 30”.   This exhibition marked the beginning of a very productive professional relationship as well as a very close personal appreciation between Syd Mead and the Japanese.

 Produced in 1985

18.25 x 28.5 inches.

5 pt Stock. Matte Finish, Glossy on back.

Please note: Our vintage pieces may show signs of age or wear due to their age.  Prints and posters are shipped in a heavy cardboard tube with extra protection.

Each poster will include a certificate of purchase from The Official Syd Mead Archive.

As quantity available falls near zero, the price per piece will increase.