Zoom Syd Mead Cyber Race Vintage Video Game poster

CyberRace Video Game Illustration


Original Vintage Poster. Once we run out of stock, they're gone forever!


Promotional poster for 1993 game CyberRace, which ran on IBM PC, Commodore Amiga and Apple Macintosh computers.   When asked to elaborate on this image, Syd Mead replied, “Raw speed is a thrilling concept.  Combine that with combat and a futuristic scenario and you have the making of quite an experience.  CyberRace is a real achievement with astonishing vibrancy and depth.   The cockpit of the racing sleds are designed for maximum ergonomics. Their hulls are windswept and polished, perfect for pushing the  velocity envelope in the atmospheres of exotic planets.”

Produced in 1993

27.12 x 27.12 inches.

4 pt Stock, Gloss Finish

Please note: Our vintage pieces may show signs of age or wear due to their age.  Prints and posters are shipped in a heavy cardboard tube with extra protection.

Each poster will include a certificate of purchase from The Official Syd Mead Archive.

As quantity available falls near zero, the price per piece will increase.