Zoom World Sports Fair 1983 Poster by Syd Mead X-WAY DOME

World Sports Fair / Xway Dome Race Ball


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 Xway Dome (Race Ball)

A series of three illustrations depicting the ultimate sports event as only Visual Futurist, Syd Mead could imagine them.  With the sole directive being, they would be created primarily in the three colors of the prize winning ribbons, Gold, Blue and Red.

For Blue, Syd chose to illustrate the ultimate car race.

Human activity has been characterized by behaviorists as a complex stylization of primitive pursuits and passions.  Inside a 10 km diameter revolving space ball, the compelling urge to compete is depicted as a ceremonial re-creation of the ancient freeway rush hour.  Tall multi-wheeled vehicles tour the course at 500 k.p.h., their route constantly updated by arranged off and on ramp directives.  From the vantage point of the prep-strip area, a mix of sponsors, mascots, technicians, and strange companions make up the coterie.  The drivers' lounge is adjacent to their vehicles awaiting the cue to ascend into control slings atop the sleek machines.  Elaborate movable pressure frames support the laminar panels, the whole arrangement shrouding the sixteen-wheel traction assembly.  On each side of the multi-lane track, day villas, group amphitheaters, and seasonal estates provide a circular view of the entire course.  From the equator to the polar zones, the sphere’s rotation accommodates the gravity preferences of the patrons regardless of the origin.  Atmospheric density, rotational balance and mechanical rotational axis, a gravity neutral zone where space yachts dock, and are moored for display.

Produced in 1983

20.25 x 28.5 inches.

4 pt Stock, Gloss Finish

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